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Rental and Charter

Can I book online?


What boat rental and charter services are offered?

Private cruising without a captain

Renting without a licence: the simplest service of pure renting where you select the boat of your preference and leave alone – without a captain – according to the itinerary you prefer – the price does not include fuel and additional services on request (insurance, galley, land transfer, etc.)

Rental with licence: simpler service of pure rental where you select the boat with engine over 40 HP of your preference and leave alone – without captain – according to the itinerary you prefer – the price does not include fuel and ancillary services on request (insurance, galley, transfer by land, etc.)

Private cruise with captain

Charter with Captain: charter service required when you prefer to delegate the conduct of the boat you have selected to one of our professional captains and enjoy the itinerary you prefer – the price does not include fuel and additional services on request (insurance, galley, land transfers, etc.)

Private tour at sea

Private tour – service required when you prefer to select only the itinerary of your liking with a fixed price per person all inclusive and we take care of the rest (boat, captain, fuel, soft drinks) excluding ancillary services (galley, land transfers, etc.)

Yacht charter

Yacht charter with captain : selection of the number of people sleeping on board, yacht and free itinerary (skipper included and fuel excluded from the quote): required boat rental service when you want to stay overnight on a yacht or maxi rib and delegate the management to one of our professional captains and enjoy the itinerary you prefer – the price does not include fuel and additional services on request (insurance, galley, land transfers, etc.)

What is the difference between the private cruise with captain and the private guided excursion?

In the private guided tour you have an all-inclusive price per person based on the selected itinerary and the boat with captain is assigned by the company with no choice on your part.

In both cases you will be alone with your group on board with no outsiders apart from the captain.

Is it possible to sleep on board?

Yes, on our cabin cruisers equipped with berths, it is possible to sleep on board on request subject to exceptions.

Can I book a yacht without a captain?

No, our cabin yachts always have a captain for safety reasons.

Can I rent a boat without a licence and without nautical experience?

Yes, we have motorboats and rubber dinghies available for hire without a licence.

How do I request a transfer service?

You can go directly to our website and during the booking process you will be asked to select additional services including ground transfers, or call our toll-free customer service number and get all the information you need.

Do you suggest what and where to go to spend an enjoyable day at sea?

Of course, our land-based assistance will provide you with maps and charts and give you useful advice on where to go and what to see for an unforgettable day of fun and relaxation.


What is A.P.A.?

The A.P.A. is the advance payment requested from the guests to cover the expenses that will be incurred during the charter of the yacht.

The A.P.A. consists of:

  • Food expenses – Galley,
    Fuel supply for the yacht and the tender on board (including the electric generator)
  • Mooring fees and charges in the Marinas, entrance to Marine Parks, cost of buoys and other items related to mooring
  • The organisation of any shore tours or scuba diving
  • Customs and tourist taxes

How is the A.P.A. calculated?

The A.P.A. is calculated as a percentage of the rental cost and varies between 20% and 30% of the total rental cost. The hire contract will accurately state the value of the A.P.A..

Control and verification of the A.P.A.?

The skipper is required to collect receipts (receipts and/or invoices) for all purchases made with the advance payment he has received. He will submit a detailed summary at the end of the charter; once on board, do not hesitate to ask for an update to check the amount of expenditure and the remaining balance.

Possible A.P.A. remainders

The skipper at the end of the charter will present a detailed summary of the expenses incurred, if these are less than the amount paid at the time of charter, he is obliged to reimburse the difference. On the other hand, in the case of higher expenses, the client will be required to pay the difference upon request of the captain at the end of the availability during the cruise or at the end of the cruise itself at the discretion of the captain.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is a sum to guarantee any damage caused to the boat / yacht during the rental period.

It is required only in the case of renting without a captain.
Depending on the type of boat / yacht and its value, it can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros in the case of boats of significant value.

It is returned in its entirety at the end of the rental period and at the end of the inspections if the outcome is negative and no damage has been detected.
In the event of damage, it is quantified by the staff on the basis of the contractual form provided and, where necessary, by means of an estimate with the shipyard.

Damage can also be contested after disembarkation, especially in cases where there are inadequate weather or light conditions for a proper inspection of the boat/vessel.

Do I have to pay for the rental in advance?

Yes, 100% of the amount.

What types of payments do you accept?

  • Credit Card : Mastercard,Visa,Maestro, AMEX
  • Devit Card : bancomat
  • Paypal
  • Transfer
  • Cash


In the event of weather conditions that do not allow safe navigation, is there a refund?

Yes, only in the case of daily rentals or charters – in such cases there is the possibility of rescheduling or a refund.

Who can I ask for help in case of problems or breakdowns?

You will receive full assistance by calling our toll-free number.

We will take care of the assistance under the contractual conditions and in complete safety. Each of our boats is equipped with a satellite tracking system, so we always know where you are for your own safety and that of the boat.

Is there insurance for damage to the boat?

In the case of renting without a captain, you can activate, at the time of departure, a Kasko insurance, where applicable, which provides an excess according to the type of boat chosen and which will reimburse in full or in part any damage caused.

What safety equipment is present on the boats?

All the equipment required by law within 6 miles from the coast is present. lifejackets with whistle (one for each person on board), lifebuoy with line, two red-light hand flares, regulation lights, two smoke bombs, two red-light parachute flares, one light buoy, pump or other exhausting equipment, fire extinguishing equipment – fire extinguisher


Can I choose which boat to do the sea tour with?

No – the rate is per person and the boat is selected by the Management according to the technical and organisational requirements linked to the selected itinerary and the number of people.

If you wish to have the possibility of selecting the boat, you can opt for the ”charter with captain” solution with a different rate depending on the boat selected and including the cost of the captain with an itinerary chosen by the customer and excluding fuel depending on consumption.

Will other people be present during the sea tour?

No, the tours are private and designed so that you can enjoy a fun and relaxing day away from the ferry crowds with whoever you wish.

What is included in the sea tour?

On sea tours the price includes boat, captain, soft drinks (water and tea), fuel, port costs, snorkelling mask rental.
Everything not listed above in the included expenses is not included: by way of example: any local tourist taxes where required, galley (alcohol, drinks, snacks, etc.).

How can I book a sea tour?

Directly with online booking by selecting the itinerary and the number of people – The rate is per person and depending on the itinerary there must be a minimum number guaranteed – In the case of sea tours, alternatively you will have to proceed by selecting the choice of Charter with Captain where you will have the opportunity to select the boat with free and flexible itinerary and the rate will be according to the boat selected excluding fuel.

Is there a refund in case of bad weather?

Check the Company’s Cancel Policy section – (LINK)

Are land tours private?

No – unlike sea tours, land tours are for mixed groups and only on request you can opt for a private tour with an estimate to be requested from the Management.